Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Look Ma, more bullets!

No blogging! No time! No motivation! Deadlines! So what else is new? But I miss blogging and wanted to finally get a post in, so here are a just a few things from the last two weeks.

  • I think I worked an 80-hour work week last week, give or take a few hours, which officially ended this evening. I was working on a long, involved translation project and learned many lessons. One of which was that I can work until 5:00 a.m. if I have to. Two days in a row. I also learned that after you’ve done that two days in a row, 3:00 a.m. the next day doesn’t seem so bad, and 1:00 a.m. after that is a piece of cake. However, I don’t recommend it and I hope not to do it again anytime soon. You’re really not meant to do that after a certain age, I think, especially not if you have energetic twin toddlers, no matter how supportive and helpful your husband is.
  • Storms! We had some pretty powerful storms in the area today and I was positively giddy as I ran back to work in the pouring rain after lunch today. My father used to tell me he always thought of me on rainy, dreary days because I love them so much. I suffer from the opposite of seasonal affective disorder, if there is one—sunny, warm days bring me down. Strange, I know.
  • Two wonderful women from our county school system came to our house yesterday to evaluate Secondo. It brought up a lot of feelings and fears for me and gave me a lot of food for thought, which will be another post.
Tomorrow I am treating myself with an entire day of rest. Absolutely no work allowed, especially since I have plenty lined up for the rest of the month. The boys’ nanny will be here and I plan to do the following:

  • Sleep as long as I want to, which may be all morning.
  • Get my eyebrows waxed for the first time in three years.
  • Blog and play on the computer.
  • Go shopping, maybe hit DSW for fun and go ogle furniture at World Market (and yet not spend more than the cash I have in my wallet, which is what my weekly budget allows).
I swear, I feel like tomorrow is Christmas.

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Snickollet said...

Enjoy your day of rest. Sounds heavenly!

If I knew that you were a fan of the dreary day, I had forgotten. This is more fodder for me to encourage you to move to Oregon. Dreary and grey for nine months out of the year! (The encouragement to move is based on the assumption that *I* will move to Oregon someday, too.)

Looking forward to hearing more about Secondo when you have the time and inclination to write.