Sunday, January 25, 2009

From the Planner of Keen

Appointment #1

When: Tomorrow
Who: Secondo
What: IEP meeting to see if he qualifies for occupational therapy. He was evaluated a few weeks ago, and we need to get additional therapy for him, but it sure would be nice if he qualified for services at school. The only information I have about how his evaluation went is an offhand comment from Ms. C, who told me the OT was concerned about his fine motor skills.
Keen’s anxiety level: Moderate. Even though every IEP meeting so far has been positive, I can’t say I enjoy them.

Appointment #2

When: Tomorrow
Who: Primo
What: Formal evaluation by speech/educational specialists.
Keen’s anxiety level: Through the roof. I have such mixed feelings about this. Do I want him not to qualify for services? If he doesn’t, maybe it means his preschool teachers were wrong and he just marches to a different beat, which would be a relief. Do I want him to qualify? If he does, that means he’ll end up in Secondo’s special-ed class, which is a wonderful place for Secondo, but I’m not sure Primo needs to be there. These thoughts play in my head on an endless loop, and I have no answers. I’m not sure the evaluation team can give me answers. One thing worth mentioning is that a Spanish-speaking team will evaluate him, which is a relief because his Spanish is still definitely stronger than his English.

Appointment #3

When: Tomorrow
Who: Primo and Secondo
What: Dentist’s appointment
Keen’s anxiety level: Low, in that it will affect no one’s future and has nothing to do with developmental issues. High, in that I am not looking forward to wrangling two three-year-olds by myself at the dentist’s office.

Appointment #4

When: Tuesday
Who: Secondo
What: Appointment with the psychiatrist
Keen’s anxiety level: Mostly low, but high on either end of the appointment. I love Dr. B, though I still find it kind of surreal that we take Secondo to see the psychiatrist every two weeks. It initially seemed too often, so at one point we let three weeks go by without an appointment and then regretted it. It’s amazing how much we find to talk about. Sometimes I feel like they’re more about Secondo, and sometimes they’re more about us. Topics for discussion this week: Secondo’s newfound fascination with reflections, which I find a little unsettling. Occupational therapy. The fact that he's constantly bringing things over to show me. Ms. C’s reports of Secondo’s enthusiasm during circle time, and the way he’s been going up to his classmates and hugging them, or wanting to hold their hands while walking down the hall.
This will be the first time I go without P, however, which means that I have to drive there. I don’t enjoy driving. I have a lousy sense of direction. I’m a new driver--I’ve only had my license for a few months. And I will have to drive across the District, and nothing stresses me out more than driving in the District. Also, the clinic has the craziest, most overcrowded parking lot I’ve ever seen. Just thinking about it is bringing my heart rate up.

Appointment #5

When: Tuesday
Who: Secondo
What: Doctor’s appointment
Keen’s anxiety level: Low, low, low. After all that, taking one child to see the doctor is going to be practically enjoyable.


Snickollet said...

Thinking of you extra much over the next couple of days. Man oh man, why does life seem to come in clusters of Insane like this? Or maybe it's good to get it all over at once?

Kimberly said...

Oh, what a week! Thinking of you and hoping that what's supposed to happen, happens, and that you get some of the answers you've been looking for. I do know about conflicted feelings! (do I want him to qualify for services or not?) Hope the meetings go well.

KAL said...

oops, that's me :)

Casdok said...

Thats a lot of appointments! Good luck with them all.

Christine said...

Hey, I posted a photo for you on my blog :-)