Friday, July 24, 2009

Multiple Choice (Also a Fun Game to Play With Your Spouse!)

You are carrying five electronic devices and a sippy cup in your purse. (Note to self: Bad idea.) When the lid pops off and an entire cup of water is emptied into your purse, which gizmo bites the dust?

1. iPod Touch
2. Flip video camera
3. Digital camera
4. Cell phone*
5. GPS

Answer: Digital camera. Yes, I have a case for it. No, it was not in its case, but at least every other device was. Sigh.

*The cell phone doesn't really count since it's already mostly dead after it vibrated right off the top of the toilet into the toilet a couple of weeks ago.


Snickollet said...

Ha, ha, I'm laughing WITH you, really :). This post made me think of broken wine glasses, for some reason.

Sorry about your camera. And your cell phone!

Fairlington Blade said...

For the record, I was relieved that the Touch didn't get it.

Part of the back story here is that Keen is lobbying to get a smart phone. I think this was a failed attempt to accidentally kill it. Having it vibrate its way into the toilet was pure poetry. This was more keystone kops. That phone... just... refuses... to... die...