Wednesday, December 5, 2007

But they don't fall down

P and I like wine. A lot. And we break wine glasses. A lot. Like, sometimes several in one night, and it (usually) has nothing to do with how much wine we've actually had to drink. Often I'll break one as I'm washing it in the sink. Also, hardwood floors and granite countertops are not very forgiving.

So even though I once drank Pinot Noir out of one of those beautiful Riedel glasses the size of my head and felt like a goddess, I know we can never buy them. It would just be sad. Instead, we get our wine glasses at IKEA, where you can get six for three bucks or something.

Well, we recently ran out of those and started drinking wine out of juice glasses, which we also started to break. But I liked those glasses. They felt a lot more stable than actual stemware. So when I saw stemless wine glasses at World Market the other night for two bucks a pop, a little light bulb went on and I bought four of them.

P is still not convinced, but I love them. The best part: I almost knocked one over the other night. And though it wobbled and spun, as I stared, mesmerized, it didn't fall over, and not a drop of wine was spilled. I'm sold.

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Snickollet said...

I love those stemless wine glasses. I have those and the big, goddess-like Riedel glasses, and I'd rather use the stemless ones.

Wish I could join you and P for a glass of pinot . . .