Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random searches

When people post about the weird Google searches that have led people to their blogs, it always kind of cracks me up. And it’s also a little frightening. I mean, if I’m not careful about what I post, I could lead all kinds of unsavory characters to my blog.

How about my own Google searches and browser history, though? Since I’ve been slacking in the blogging department and a long update would be boring even to me, I thought maybe some of my own searches would neatly summarize what I’ve been up to recently. So, here goes:

pumpkin waffle recipe [These are amazing. I love, love, love my new waffle iron.]

Trout Fishing in America [I’ve been to two of their concerts, and I didn’t even take the kids to the first one. I love these people that much. And they’ll be back in town in June!]

www.paperbackswap.com [It’s how I get rid of all my old books and get new reading material. I love this site. There’s even a business dictionary on its way to me.]

kaboost booster [I think I’m getting two of these. They look like they’d work really well.]

Suni Paz [I’m always looking for more children’s music in Spanish for the boys. She’s charmingly retro.]

www.amtrak.com [Because a crazy week was made even crazier by a last-minute trip to New York for work.]

www.netflix.com [I added Freaks and Geeks and Arrested Development to my queue. I’ll upload them to my iPod Touch and my commute will be a lot more fun. You know what’s not doing so well since I got the Touch? My knowledge of current events. I need to start reading the Washington Post and The Economist a lot more.]

federal sentencing guidelines safety valve provision [I love working in Federal court.]

convert pdf to word [Because I have a huge translation coming up, but the source file is in pdf format. Since my love affair with Wordfast is still going strong, converting it to Word will make my life a lot easier. Adobe Acrobat is so expensive, but I’m considering investing in it and deducting it as a business expense.]

children’s national medical center [P got the ball rolling, and once we fill out a ton of paperwork, we should be able to get an appointment there.]

big balls [I swear, I had to research this for a translation I’m working on. It was not one of my most prudent Google searches. In fact, you shouldn’t really Google this unless you absolutely have to. And God, now anyone looking for big balls is going to find my blog.]


Snickollet said...

"Big balls." Heh.

Fourteen searches for "How much does a leek weigh?" have led to my site. Weird.

hcb said...

As far as keeping up with current events goes, I subscribe to several podcasts in iTunes that fall in that category. There are a bunch from NPR and its ilk, Road to the White House, and many more. When you run iTunes, the latest ones are automatically downloaded. When you sync with the Touch, the new podcasts hop on. It's kind of addictive, as so many things on the Touch are!