Thursday, May 1, 2008

If you buy a box of drinking straws...

My boys are so different that I sometimes find it hard to believe they're brothers. Primo inherited his father's looks and his scientific mind. As for Secondo, well, to hear my family talk, he's a lot like me. And although they can't quite have long, involved conversations with me just yet, I watch them play and have fun imagining what's going on in their little minds. I brought a box of drinking straws home the other day for them to play with, and I think their thought processes went something like this:

Primo: Oh, cool, straws! Hmm. I'm going to line them all up on the floor. Nice and straight. First, I'll sort them all by color. Wait, but first I have to count them all. First in Spanish, then English. Hey, I think I'll use them to make letters. Look, I made an M! But if I walk over to the other side, it's a W. And if I remove a straw, it's an N. Oh, and if I remove one more it's a V, but if I put one across the V, it's an A. How cool is that???

Secondo: Oh, cool, straws! Hmm. I think I'll chew on them.

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Marilyn said...

Straws! Yum!


P.S. I miss you.