Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My day in bullets

(Is it true that a blogger that blogs in bullets is a lazy blogger? Because if so, I’m afraid I might be one. There will be non-bulleted posts later, but not tonight.)
  • I’m finally out of the house again. Today and tomorrow I’m interpreting, and my colleague is a good friend who gave me a ride home, brought a bottle of wine for us to drink during American Idol, and proceeded to swoon over David Cook with me. We didn’t even ask to work together, it just worked out that way. I wish it always worked out that way.
  • We drove around practically the entire Beltway (and then some) to get from meeting to meeting today. It was a long day. In Fairfax, we noticed streets with names like Random Wall Street and Random Hills Way.
[Keen:] Is this for real? Whoever named these roads apparently just couldn’t be bothered.

[Colleague:] Oh, I’ll bet they were just drunk.
  • We were given wireless interpreting equipment by the organization we were working for. The best kind, the kind I’d like to invest in someday, so kudos to them. But they get points deducted for neglecting to include earphones. I get points for remembering that both my colleague and I had our iPods with us, and fortunately, only two people needed our services. It kind of cracked me up each time I looked over at one of our visitors and saw the white Apple earbuds. But hey, it worked.
  • I usually open this program on my MacBook (invaluable if you have a Mac and toddlers who like to bang on your keyboard, I say) so the boys can play on it, but this morning I forgot. Thus, a job report I was working on was edited by Primo to read: “I believe that the perceptual changes can be summed up by 098765hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I’m sure my program officer will be pleased.
  • I had to get out of the house really early today and take the Metro way, way out west. So early that P and the boys were still asleep when I left. So early that I didn’t have time to make coffee. In fact, today was the first day in approximately two years that I hadn’t had coffee. Not a good thing. We were each then given a nice travel mug as a gift at our first meeting, which I planned to fill up at the first Starbucks I came across—and I didn’t see one all day. When has that ever happened? I mean, seriously.

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Snickollet said...

I've lived in Boston almost ten years and had four different jobs while I've been here (OK, three jobs but four locations). Plus I've lived in four different apartments. Despite all that, NONE of my commutes have taken my directly past a Dunkin' Donuts. NONE! It's a tragedy, and it doesn't even seem statistically possible. But it is.

That is my rather lame story that is somewhat related to your inability to find a Starbucks today.