Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Little Break

It's been a pretty productive few days. I stuck to my schedule, most of the time, and I've gotten a lot done. My biggest problem is that sitting at home working on translations in front of my computer is seriously boring me. In the past few days, my only original thoughts have been:
  • These new lounge pants from Costco are super comfortable. Hey, I think I'll wear them again tomorrow. Because I can.
  • I'd forgotten that run-on sentences in formal Spanish documents can go on for a page and a half. Wow, making sense of those is challenging.
  • I'll bet that frozen burrito I just ate for lunch was really, really bad for me.
  • I'm so glad I invested in a couple of really good legal dictionaries.
  • Do not, do not check Google Reader. Bad Keen. Wait for your break.
  • I sure wish I remembered how I did my page numbering on my last translation. For a translator, I sure can be an idiot when it comes to Microsoft Word.
  • Since I'm not spending money out this week, and instead am spending so much time inside listening to my music collection, I think I'll buy a couple of albums from iTunes. (Jeremias. I'm kind of hooked. And I'm obsessed with Jarabe de Palo. Why hadn't I heard of them before?)
  • I can't wait to go to the store and buy milk. Just ten more minutes until I get to go downstairs. And two little boys are waiting for me.

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