Saturday, January 19, 2008

And it's kind of an annoying CD, too.

I often feel for the boys. They’re both so vocal (they’re at very different stages in their language development, and they both have such different approaches, though that will be another post), and yet so much of the time, I have no earthly idea what they’re trying to tell me. I thought this wasn’t supposed to happen. I thought my status as (Omniscient) Mother meant that I would automatically understand everything, and I would interpret what they said for everyone else, the way other mothers seem to do.

And yet, I seem to miss a lot, even when what they’re saying is so unbelievably obvious. Especially when they bust out with something I’ve never heard them say before. Take the exchange I had with Primo today, in Spanish:

Keen: Primo, what kind of music would you like to listen to?

Primo: Arroz Leche.

Keen: No, you just had milk. You’re not having any more for now. What CD would you like Mama to put in the CD player?

Primo: Arroz Leche.

Keen: No, no milk right now. How about some music?

Primo: Arroz Leche.


Primo: Arroz Leche.

Keen: Ohhhhh. Arroz con Leche. [The same CD we just finished listening to.] Oh. Right. OK, then.

My penance? Listening to the Arroz con Leche CD about fifteen times today, once for every time it was requested. OK, that’s an exaggeration. But only a slight one.

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Snickollet said...

Ha ha! I miss obvious stuff like that all the time, too. Just this morning, Riley said two things that totally mystified me but that my friend who is visiting from out of town picked up right away. So much for mothers having some kind of special powers of communication. Sigh.