Monday, November 19, 2007

And it's not even midnight

I finished my translations. I'm so relieved to be done. The office/guest room is even more of a disaster area than usual. On the bookshelf and on my desk: the bowl I used for breakfast, my huuuuge Café du Monde coffee cup (perfect for jobs like this one), two empty cans of sparkling water, and an empty glass of wine.

Tomorrow, appropriately, my main mission was going to be cleaning the guest room, since we actually have a guest arriving tomorrow and one arriving on Wednesday. Instead, my main mission will be interpreting during a deposition in the morning. I was assured it will be short--we'll see. Now my "cleaning" will consist of quickly putting all of the crap that's on the bed and the floor in boxes and shoving them in the closet.

I suppose this issue would be an entirely different post, but I have a hard time turning down work for no good reason, and I think my problem is actually defining what a good reason is. When it comes down to making a choice between cleaning my guest room, which I desperately need to do, or getting paid to work, well, that choice usually wins. Especially if I'm paying the babysitter anyway.

Just took a long break to console a screaming toddler. Secondo's having a bad night.

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