Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Some nicknames

I really hate to be all cutesey. And yet I'm also a teeny bit paranoid about putting real names out there. So for the purposes of this blog, my boys will be Primo and Secondo. Those are two of their many actual nicknames, after the brothers in Big Night, which I think has become my favorite movie ever. And believe me, there was some stiff competition. (Though I don't know...Barbara Billingsley as a Jive interpreter...that's hard to beat. Hmmm.)

As for me, many of my friends call me, well, Keen. And P is just going to have to be P, because the only nickname I have for him is the Spanish version of his name. Not too original, but we're not big into nicknames.

I'm off to bed. I suppose this was kind of an obligatory post--to myself, because who's reading?--but I wanted to follow through. Though this weekend will be dicey. We're headed to the Midwest for the weekend to visit P's family. It'll be nice to get away.

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