Monday, November 5, 2007


I have nothing much to say today. I do have lots of things I'd like to write about, all of which would require more time than I care to spend right now, time that I could spend zoning out in front of the TV, which is what I'm doing. It was that kind of day.

The boys were stir-crazy when I got home, so I put them in the stroller and went to the grocery store. We needed milk for the boys and potatoes for dinner. Then I came across a 12-pack of Sam Adams Winter Lager--on sale. I spent a good five minutes wrestling with it, desperately trying to figure out if there was a way I could stuff in into the stroller basket or get it home somehow. In the end, what with the gallon of milk and the potatoes, there was just no way, so I oh-so-reluctantly left it there.

I suppose I could have put it on one of the boys' laps, like I did with the huge pumpkin I lugged home from the store last week. One of the boys carried it home on his lap and was just pleased as punch about it. But, a toddler with a pumpkin on his lap = cute. Toddler with a 12-pack on his lap = just a tad inappropriate, I thought. Damn.

Ah, well. Again, it was just that kind of day.

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